Monday, March 17, 2014

... and so it begins.

I've had a blog-thing on Facebook for quite a while now. It too is called Sharp Lines Old Times. However it's in Danish and let's face it - Facebook isn't really that great a place to blog if you want to have any serious influence on the visual setup or show more than one picture with your post.

I've long felt a need to do both so here I am - going international! I'm not very good at the technical aspects of creating stuff on the Internet as I'm more a analogue kind-of-guy. So please forgive me for any graphic mishaps in the beginning.

In return I'll provide you with interesting stories and great pictures from the golden era of… well, everything I like. Things you hopefully won't be able to find in too many other places. I mean, you’re probably already wasting too much of your time on the Internet, right? Yeah. Like me.

I'll start out soft by posting just one picture. But what a picture.

It's vintage eye candy. It's Mamie van Doren.

American actress, model and sex symbol.

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